Just off the High Moor, on the north bank on the bank of the of the Delimbiyr near the Unicorn Run, is the small town of Secomber, on the border between the North and the Western Heartlands. Built over the ruins of Hastarl, capital of the ancient kingdom of Athalantar, Secomber is a quiet place where the fishers and farmers go about their work, and local folk hire out to hunt or fish, or guide travelers through the area. Merchants occasionally travel through town on the one paved road, peddling wares and bringing tales of distant lands. On more rare occasions, scholars or adventurers enter into town, sights set on studying or plundering the ruins strewn about the High Moor.

Each of you has come to Secomber for your own reasons, but have chosen to work together for your common good. You’ve made the Lonely Star tavern your home in this small village. The Lonely Star is a wooden tavern with a low stone foundation, with cheap candles and opaque windows so that even at high noon it is dimly lit. Old scuff marks and worn in dirt line the floor, stools, and most everything else. The drinks are cheap and watered down, the food fatty and tough, and the barmaid well past her prime.

From the Lonely Star locals, merchants, and various travelers tell tales and share rumors. Such lore leads to jobs, adventure, and the occasional mystery. There’s much to be found for our adventurers, should they choose to search. Where will it lead them?

Secomber One Offs

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